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Eric Smith, a Chase costumer, was crippled by a high interest rate that was eating up his monthly payments with finance charges. So he decided to apply the patented executive customer service technique, and managed to bring his APR down to 9% from 26% as well as getting 3 months of fees refunded. Mr. Smith, a recent college graduate, was just starting his career, and found that he was barely able to make his minimum payments each month. So, he did what any good customer would do and contacted Chase to ask if there was anything they could do. After spending an hour on the phone with Chase customer service, he was denied any information or help.

Having previously run across the topic of executive customer service, Eric jumped online and found the executive contact information for Chase. He then sent an email, and received a call back from a service rep within days. The service rep patiently discussed the matter with Eric and then informed him that he would receive a call back within an hour. Sure enough, 50 minutes later the phone rang, and the rep informed Mr. Smith that his APR was to be frozen at 9% for 12 months, and that 3 months of fees would be credited to his account. Needless to say, Eric went from being constantly stressed by the weight of unsurpassable credit debt to a very satisfied Chase customer in just a matter of minutes. But why is it that more people don’t experience this same customer satisfaction on a regular basis? This is due to the nature of executive customer service. Executive customer service is of group of high-powered problem solvers that are attached to the executive office of most major corporations. Their contact information is never publicly posted but escalating to them can get some of the most intractable problems resolved.


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